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Monthly Wrap Up- November


Hello, hello! November has flown by and I am have been drowning in all things Realm of Elderlings. That’s the truth. Even now, I am reading Ship of Magic and really enjoying it! Granted, I haven’t read many books this month but all the books I read were so big! It simply isn’t possible for me to read more than what I read, I think.

As far as things other than reading go, this month was good. I can genuinely say that without feeling weird about it. I tried my best not to buy more books and I succeeded. I also enjoyed just not reading or watching shows, I tried to just be and that worked really well for me. Although there’s just one thing that made my life a little bit hellish. I keep sneezing every time I smell something, it’s weird and it’s never happened to me before. Luckily, I am not going out a lot so I won’t scare people by sneezing all the time. It comes and goes and I feel like I should probably at least call my GP to ask what’s up but I don’t know.

WWW Wednesday

Down the TBR Hole

This is still going strong with me and even though my reading plans changed a bit because of some unexpected delays, I am still eager to do these tags because they are just neat. I can share what I am feeling about the books I am reading in one and I can maybe cut down on the books in my TBR that I don’t feel like reading anymore. It’s a healthy thing, I think.

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

The Shattered Realm of Ardor Benn by Tyler Whitesides

I meant to do mini reviews this month, I even had the outline all ready but somehow, it just never went beyond that. Also, I only wrote two reviews which is not great. December will have to make for it. Let’s see how that goes.

Pretty Covers

There were only a couple of books I bought this month and they absolutely did not warrant a separate post, I think. It was Pachinko by Min Jin Lee and Mad Ship by Robin Hobb. That’s it. So, you can see why there wasn’t a separate post for it. So, I didn’t make one. I am still doing the Pretty Covers because gosh, they are still coming out with pretty covers and I will never stop admiring them.

I read a total of four books and enjoyed them all. All of them were big books and I loved them all. Sure, they made me cry and at times weep like my heart was breaking into thousand pieces but I still loved them. It was a very sci-fi /fantasy month for me. No other genre to be seen anywhere.

To Sleep In A Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini

I finally finished this huge brick of a book and I have to say despite how big it is, I loved it. Would it work as two books? Yes. Does it lessen my enjoyment of the book? No. It is very epic in scope and Paolini’s research for almost a decade shows in this book. I genuinely enjoyed the heck out of it and seeing as I went into it with no expectations because this being the author’s first scifi, I think he did a brilliant job of it.

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

I am not gonna be talking about all three books because I have already talked about these books last year and wouldn’t want to bore you with it again. Let’s just say that I am, once again, in love with Hobb’s character work and writing. Pacing and action is something that people look for in this particular trilogy and lose interest because that’s not what this trilogy is for. In any case, I am continuing my journey in the Realm of Elderlings with the Ship of Magic and I am loving it so far. So, if you needed more incentive to read these books, just go into it knowing that it’s not action packed and more character growth and you will enjoy the heck out of these books.

I know that it’s not a lot of books and while I might have been dismayed to see this a couple of years ago, this year, I am totally okay with it. I have been doing really well about the reading pressure this year and I don’t want to change that now. So, here’s to November!

Also! I know a few places are going back to normal but there are many countries that are still struggling because of the virus. So, please, take all the precautions. Stay safe and take care of each other. Second waves are a thing and they are happening, please, don’t think it’s okay to let go of the precautions just yet, okay?

What about you guys? What was your best read or the worst one? Or, let’s not call it the worst, let’s call it the most disappointing read. Tell me all about it in the comments.

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