Hello, as you can see, I have a very bookish blog. I didn’t start out that way and I am glad that I did find my thing in this bloggish universe. I am still very shy and still an introvert but after I turned thirty, I found myself thinking, life is too short to keep myself isolated from all the lovely people and experiences in the world.

So, here I am, with a whole new about me section.

I read quite a bit and I always with a book or two or three. I do review books and you can find all the reviews either by the tag ‘book reviews’ or just by clicking on the Review Masterlist. It’s a work-in-progress though so your best bet is going through the tag.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who takes the time to interact with me because it’s just such a wonderful feeling to see someone reciprocating so please, continue to do that! I love it every time it happens.

Apart from that,  I work full time, I do have my own issues that I am working through and I do suffer from anxiety a little too much for my comfort but apart from all that, I am doing great. I have some good friends, a great sister and the love of books to carry me through life. Music, dance, long walks are other things I love but don’t talk about on this blog.

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