Pretty Covers (October Edition)


Continuing my wish to admire all things pretty in books. Here’s yet another month of admiring all the cover art. Let’s just drool over them or sigh over them and maybe both.

pretty covers 1

pretty covers 2

pretty covers 3

pretty covers 4

pretty covers 5

pretty covers 6

pretty covers 7

Now, these are not all the books I want to read because some of them I am not too sure of, and most of them I can’t even imagine having the time to read them all. So, think of it as me appreciating these covers just for the sake of it.

Also, has this been done before? Nobody got back to me about it. Please, guys, if there’s a tag, please, do tell me.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed eyeing those gorgeous covers and who knows, maybe some of them might be added to your tbr after you looked at them!

Till the next time, lovelies.

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