Book Haul – May

Hi, hello!

So, remember when I said that I should probably control my urges for bookish purchases for a while. Well, guess what? I failed majestically. So there’s that fun thing to add to my month. In addition to actual physical books, I have also downloaded quite a few short audio books so yeah.

You will not find any bookworm here, oh no. I am a full-fledged book dragon now. I have finally achieved my final form, I think. This was a long process but it’s done now and I doubt I can go back to being a mere worm. Granted, this book haul isn’t as ridiculous as the last one but it’s still a lot, okay?

Arcanum Unbounded by Brandon Sanderson

*sigh* Will I ever stop buying Brandon Sanderson books? I doubt it. This one is, put simply, a bound up collection of stories from Cosmere. It includes of a lot of stories from all the worlds that Sanderson has written about.

The Kingdom of Copper by S. A. Chakraborty

The sequel to The City of Brass that I have been eyeing for a long while. It finally came down to a price where I could feel okay buying it. So of course, I snapped up the opportunity. I absolutely loved and reviewed The City of Brass last year and I cannot wait for the sequel to blow my mind once again.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

I took a long time to even consider buying this one because for some reason I was really reluctant about it. Well, as you can see, the reluctance is long gone for sure. I just hope it’s an interesting read, something I can be really happy about.

Black Holes: The Reith Lectures by Stephen Hawking

So, this one has a funny story behind it. I drooled over it when it came out and was planning on buying it then and there and then, I just sort of forgot about it? When I was looking at science-y books, this one came up and like a shot, I knew I was gonna buy it. For one, it was ridiculously cheap and it’s freaking interesting, okay?

Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling

And last but not the least. I bought the first book in Ravenclaw house edition. My sister and I have a solid plan in which we are gonna alternately buy Ravenclaw and Slytherin editions with a Hufflepuff one thrown in the middle to balance out the set. We are planning to buy the available books at one book per month. I just hope that the house editions continue because otherwise our plans are effed.

So that’s it for the books bought this month. There are a bunch of audio books I purchased as well, if you want to know about them too then just comment below and I will make a separate post because the list is rather long to include in this one. Have you read any of the books? If yes, then, what are your thoughts on them? If not then after reading the blurbs, would you want to? Also, what was the last book you bought? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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