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Monthly Wrap Up- July


Yes, I am still here and doing wrap ups on this blog. It’s very rare nowadays but somehow, this month, it’s definitely happening. I haven’t read a ton of books since the last wrap up I posted, this year has been going swimmingly for me. Can you tell? I am way behind the reading challenge over on Goodreads and I have frankly given up on it. I am just going to read what I want to read and just not let anything else bother me. Let’s see how that goes.

I haven’t done anything on the blog other than a few reviews. So, yeah, posts aren’t growing up on those trees anymore. However those books were so good! So, here are the reviews I finally got around to this month.

Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker Chan

I finished The Broken Earth trilogy this month and let me tell you, I felt so freaking accomplished because I finally finished a series and I loved it. So, yeah. I also read a couple of books that I absolutely loved! I didn’t read any new genre and stuck to either fantasy or sff. So, yeah. I also finally decided on how I wanted my reading year to go. Yes, I know. It’s August already and I am only now ready to decide how I want to read my books for the rest of the year. This year has been that kind of year, okay?

The Obelisk Gate by N. K. Jemisin

I started the month by finishin this book and I had so many feels for this book. There was so much happening and I was only trying to keep up with things. I loved the world and I really enjoyed the characters. I think I started to understand why people called this trilogy Jemisin’s best and why it was and still is so hyped up.

The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin

I will not say that I cried while reading the end but I totally did. I read the trilogy and I was absolutely hooked to it and wanted to know how it will all turn out in the end but I wasn’t prepared for the emotional investment. I simply didn’t realise how very attached I was to the characters, I simply was not ready for the heartbreak. I am not sure if even now I am okay with it.

She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker Chan

This was such a great debut! It had everything I loved in a book, the pacing works so well, the writing is amazing, the characters flawed and so well fleshed out. So, yeah, please, if you are a fan of people who are not quite the heroic people we expect in books like these then, give this one a chance. It won’t disappoint.

The Hand of the Sun King by J. T. Greathouse

Ah, this was another surprise for me. I requested it after I watched Petrik Leo’s review of it and I knew I will like it. Spoiler alert, I loved it. It had great pacing, a lead character that was easy to be fond of and the world building that’s only made me hungry for me. So, yeah, be on the lookout for the review.

Fireheart Tiger by Alliette de Bodard

This was an impulse buy and impulse read for me. I just decided on fine Sunday that I wanted to read something short and something that’s not on my tbr because why not? I was so pleasantly surprised by the outcome. The author managed to flesh out such lush world in a novella. I really enjoyed it and I wish the world could be expanded upon in some future works, maybe? Also the themes that this one dealt with were so well done too!

I am pretty happy that I managed to read this many books and the fact that I am still trying to write reviews on time is absolutely blowing my mind every time I see it happening. Let’s continue that, hopefully in the coming months…

Also! I know a lot of places are going back to normal but there are many countries that are still struggling because of the virus. So, please, take all the precautions. Stay safe and take care of each other. Second/third waves are a thing and they are happening, please, don’t think it’s okay to let go of the precautions just yet, okay?

What about you guys? What was your best read or the worst one? Or, let’s not call it the worst, let’s call it the most disappointing read. Tell me all about it in the comments.

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