Hello readers!

It’s already almost July. What the heck? How is the time moving this fast while I feel like I am still stuck in 2020? I am not going to lie, this past couple of months haven’t been great as far as reading or blogging is concerned. I think, nowadays, my attention span has suffered due to staying at home and doing the same things over and over.  Oh, well. Here’s to hoping to it gets better.

I haven’t read much this year, maybe it’s like 23 books? *checks goodreads* Oh! It’s 25 books! wow.

So, let’s just get into this one, shall we?

Best Book You’ve Read So Far

ship of magic

Best Sequel of 2020 so far

the burning god

New Release You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want to

combo 1

Most Anticipated Release of the Second Half of 2020

combo 2

Biggest Disappointment


Biggest Surprise

qi ye

Favourite New Author

combo 3

Book That Made You Cry

combo 4

Favourite Review You’ve Written This Year

combo 5

Most Beautiful Book You Bought or Received So Far This Year

combo 6

What Books Do You Need to Read by the End of the Year

combo 7


Overall, I think I am doing fairly well in terms of reading and I always count it as a blessing when things go right.

So, how has your year been so far? Books or otherwise? Have you read any of the books or do you have plans to? Please, don’t hesitate to share in the comments.

16 thoughts on “THE MID-YEAR BOOK FREAK OUT (2021)

  1. This year has been chaos. My husband has lost three family members and we bought and house and have been renovating. I have barely blogged or read because we have been bouncing all over the place. Audiobooks and podcasts have been my go to because of all the travel and stuff we need to do.

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  2. Wow we have so many in common… I hope you’ll love The Jasmine Throne and A Psalm for the wild-built, coz I thought both were just wow 🤩
    And if you don’t mind me ask, what’s the book you’ve listed under Biggest surprise? I can’t seem to recognize the cover.

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    1. Oh yay! Good to know that both the books were great for you! I am too excited but also I can’t quite read them yet because of my tbr is so bad right now. And the book under Biggest Surprise is called Qi Ye by Priest, it’s a web-novel in Chinese, I read the translated version of it. It’s pretty good. I have recently become quite a bit addicted to wuxia novels and such. There’s no official translated version but you can easily find the unofficial version on a website called NovelUpdates.

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      1. Ohh my god that’s Qi Ye 😳😳 I guess I know another version of the cover, so didn’t recognize it .. that book was a revelation for me too.. Wish we could get an adaptation of that 😍😍

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      2. I used a different cover because I couldn’t find a good resolution for the original one. I doubt we would get adaptation of that seeing as it has reincarnation cycles and such and it’s not about gods. But we were so lucky to get Jing Beiyuan and Wu Xi in Word of Honor tho!

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      3. I know it’s not possible but it’s just a bit of hope in my heart !!! And I loved Beiyuan and Wu Xi so much in WoH too… just for those two actors, I wish Qiye was possible…

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      4. No.. only tyk and qiye for now… I’m not even sure what else to read… I’m scared all of her books are pretty angsty 😂😂
        What about you ??

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      5. Lol, too true! I would definitely suggest Sha Po Lang. It’s very good. I haven’t gone beyond that with Priest’s books yet. What about you? Any other authors you have read in that genre?

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      6. Thanks for the rec!!! I only started watching cdramas from Untamed, so even read only the ones I’ve watched… MDZS, tyk, qiye (it’s the exception) and Nirvana in Fire … but I should definitely branch out more… I guess im just obsessed with watching more cdramas these days 😂😂

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      7. Same, I started from Untamed too! I haven’t read MDZS yet and idk I just don’t want to read it quite yet. I did love Tgcf by the same author though. Nirvana in fire is something else! It’s so good!

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      8. I had to read MDZS immediately after my first watch of the show.. couldn’t control myself.. and tyk I read after just watching a couple of episodes of WoH… NiF again I finished my watch and then picked up the book.. but that is brilliant in both formats and I probably will read and watch again…
        Just finished watching The Long Ballad which turned out ok..

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