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Book Haul: December


December has been pretty good for me, personally and part of the reason is the books I have finally received. I have had orders that weren’t shipping out for some reason or the other and now, they are finally here. So yay for that.

I have a bunch of books to talk about so let’s get into it without any further delay, shall we?

I actually pre-ordered The Burning God but it reached in December. I am so desperately in love with this series but it has also shattered my heart in many different ways. I am not sure what this one will do to me, if I am being honest about it. The Poppy War series and R. F. Kuang have just…destroyed my heart, rebuilt it and destroyed again. So yeah, I can only expect the same thing from this.

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke and A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik came in a subscription box and I cant wait to read them both! Even though I have heard some less than ideal things about A Deadly Education, I will read and decide whether to continue with the series.

Last comes Jade City by Fonda Lee, a book that had taken bookstagram and booktube by storm for a while so, of course, I had to buy it to check it out. I mean, have a fantasy-ish world and jade magic and mafia? Of course, I have to see how it’s all gonna go down.

However, that’s it for the book haul for this month. I do have a few books coming in but I doubt that they will be delivered before the new year, so these are the books I can haul for now. I am tentatively putting myself on book-buying ban unless it’s already on the planned books list. So. Yeah.

Till the next time!

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