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Book Haul : October


August has been pretty good for me, personally and part of the reason is the books I have finally received. I have had orders since March that aren’t delivered yet because of the whole Covid-19 situation. However, some publishers/book sellers are finally able to dispatch them and I am able to receive them too! So, yay for that.

I have a bunch of books to talk about so let’s get into it without any further delay, shall we?





I have been meaning to re-read the Inheritance Cycle for so long but I foolishly gave away the books a few years ago. So, I bought these second hand and they are in fairly good condition too! I guess, I will probably read these next year so let’s say I am prepared for it now.

Loveless along with Nick and Charlie was bound to come home to me. Anything Alice Oseman writes does, sooner or later. I do genuinely enjoy her books so much! Little Women was something I have been meaning to read for years and I got this one for so cheap that I had to buy it! I am hoping to read this in December? Maybe. Not sure yet.

I keep hearing such great things about Mirror Visitor quartet that I had been keeping my eye on it and now that the third book is out and the fourth on the way, I thought why not get the first one to see if I want to continue. Star Daughter and Woven in Moonlight came in a book subscription box and I am just loving that box so much! In case anyone’s interested in checking out, it’s BooksnBeyond! It’s an Indian book subscription box and they do tons of creative things and all of them book related!

The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings was a recently released illustrated edition that I had to have. I have been undecided which hardcover edition I wanted for years and then this one was shared on Harper Voyager’s IG? I think and I fell in love. So, I bought it as a birthday gift to myself. I also finally managed to buy the second book in the Stormlight Archive. It’s the UK edition though so two books as the second book was split into two. I have no idea as why they did that yet. It just makes storage a bigger problem than it has to be. Oh, well.

And that’s it for this month. I have a few books coming in the next two months but that’s it. I am tentatively putting myself on book-buying ban unless it’s already on the planned books list. So. Yeah. You might not see as many books again. It was my birthday month so that’s the excuse I am going with, okay?

Till the next time!

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