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Monthly Wrap Up- August


August has been good month for me. I have had a good month personally and reading has also been pretty good. Sure, I didn’t read a lot, but I loved the books I read and that matters more. So, yeah, a good month overall.

I read a total of five books and wrote only eight posts and one of them was a review. So, yeah, this month went well as you can see. I am just not sure what to put here as a wrap up when I read so little and wrote even less. Oh, well.

I was regular with my reading updates with WWW Wednesday and I couldn’t be gladder because that meant that there was something to update and it’s a great feeling, okay? I also kept up with another tag, I pulled a couple of books off of my GoodReads TBR list and frankly, I simply don’t remember the couple of books that was in that list. *shrugs* I also did Rapid Fire Book Tag too! It was a bit much as far as questions go but it was super fun!

WWW Wednesday

Down the TBR Hole

Rapid Fire Book Tag 2020

There were a couple of mini reviews too! I finally put together some reviews to accompany my other posts on the blog. I admit that I have been really bad as far as actual book blogging is concerned. It’s bad but frankly, my life has been a bit of a mess for a few months now and while August has been good comparatively, it’s still not the greatest. Oh, well. I can’t keep using it as an excuse.

Mini Reviews

I also talked about the longest/biggest books in my physical TBR and I was kinda alarmed by them? And the fact that I am buying more tomes with a proper plan this time. What even is life at this point? Who really knows.


I finally had a book haul to show off this month. Some of the books had been ordered pre-lockdown and one was pre-order and a couple were properly planned purchases. Will wonders ever cease? That’s right! I have been making proper plans with how I want to buy my books and how much I am willing to/ afford to spend on my books. Over the last couple of years, I have been far more impulsive than I should have been.

Book Haul: June/July/August



I read a total of five books this month and I enjoyed all of them! I am so glad for it because sometimes you get months wherein you don’t really enjoy the books but read a lot, it was the exact opposite this time and I am just happy!


The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers (Wayfarers # 1)

I enjoyed this book so much! There’s so much to love! From found family trope to friendships to exploration of ideas and just concentrating on the characters and their growth or even just a character study in the best way possible. It’s not a plot heavy book but it reminded me why I love reading and I think that’s sometimes enough to love a book.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (The Wheel of Time # 1)

I finally started the dreaded series and I found the first book to be really good! I mean, I am not saying that I went into it thinking it wouldn’t be good, it’s just that I was afraid that the hype and the sheer size of the series might actually put me off but surprisingly, it didn’t. I did see some really strong influence of J. R. R. Tolkien’s works but I think Robert Jordan did something wonderful with those plot points and tropes that he so thoroughly borrowed from Tolkien. I am only one book in the series though so I have no idea what my feelings would be as the series goes on.

House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig

I really, really enjoyed the atmosphere this book created, the author did such a phenomenal job of it and the whole of second half of the book was a wild ride for me. It was just spooky enough for me to enjoy it and there were such sisterly bonds and deals with devils (or not) and just an overall good book, you know?

Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce

This was such a breath of fresh air (hehe, literally at times because of what happens in the book) for me and a different genre than usual. It had a middle aged female main character and you don’t see those often, then to top it off, she was a great character to go on a journey with. And surprise, there was another great female character to go with the main character and it was a wild ride too but in a different way than the previous book. I am just so glad that I requested this title and got approved for it on NetGalley. Sometimes I do find some gems there. (More often than not, if I am being really honest.) #

Velocity Weapon by Megan E. O’Keefe

This was a re-read because I really did need to read it before starting the second book in the series and I am happy to note that it really as amazing as it felt the first time I read it. Sometimes that doesn’t happen with things, right? In any case, this book reminded me why I requested the second book with such alacrity. It was because it’s turning out to be a great series. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do!


And that’s it for August. I did have a better month in August so there’s that! I followed through on my promise to myself and tried not to let myself feel overwhelmed by the blog and it turned out okay, sure, the views weren’t anything to brag about but I am happy with them so far. They are not terrible, just lower than usual.

Also! I know a few places are going back to normal but there are many countries that are still struggling because of the virus. So, please, take all the precautions.  Stay safe and take care of each other.

What about you guys? What was your best read or the worst one? Or, let’s not call it the worst, let’s call it the most disappointing read. Tell me all about it in the comments.


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