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A Tiny Update

Hello readers!

You might have noticed a glaring absence that I took from blogging for almost a month. Well, there’s a reason for that. Multiple reasons, actually. So, without further ado, let’s get into them.

First and foremost, at some point, I reached a low because of the current global health crisis, I still have my work and I am incredibly grateful for that. However the kind of down you feel when you are stuck at home and not able to go out is something we can all relate to, I think, so I won’t keep on talking about it. However because I still have work to do and RL does not stop even the world stopped (I know, it’s horrid, isn’t it?), the work/home balance was thrown off and I have had less time than usual to do the things I loved. To set up the work from home took a week and then to finetune it, we had to work outside of work hours, it was frustrating and it took its toll.

I was simply too exhausted and emotionally drained to anything outside of my usual work.

Secondly, I have been having trouble with my WIFI for a couple of weeks, I wasn’t able to do anything about my posts/ reviews.

Thirdly, I fell into a new fandom. The Untamed. So I kinda spent my free time binge-watching the shit out of that one. Then, of course, I had to bully my sister into watching it as well.

All of this resulted into me not being active on my blog or even on my bookstagram. So that’s it, that’s the reason it looked like I had vanished off the face of the earth.

Hopefully, I will be back to posting at a regular schedule soon enough.

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