Random Updates

Hi guys!

Seeing as my moody mind is not letting me read a lot this week so I turned to the only thing that makes life a little bit more bearable. You know, watching a lot of streaming shows, currently, I am absolutely obsessed with The Untamed, a Chinese show that’s available on Netflix and I am so grateful for Netflix and Amazon Prime right now, seriously.

Anyway, apart from The Untamed, I am also watching some of my favourite YouTubers as well, mind you, they somehow ended up being all book-related channels but what can you do? Amongst those are PeruseProject, Daniel Greene, Thoughts on Tomes, Merphy Napier, Ariel Bissett. They are such great channels and I am forever entertained by them.

Then there are non-book related channels! Like BuzzFeed Unsolved, Ask A Mortician, PBS Eons, PBS Space Time, etc. They are still fun and very educational to boot! So if you are not super into booktube then these are the channels you should definitely check out!

So, now I wanna know which shows or movies have you been binging on lately? Anything you would recommend for me? Because despite me not really getting a lot of time to watch those things, I would still like to know about them and plan out how I am going to watch them.

Thanks for stopping by!

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