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My Most Anticipated Books of 2020 (Jan-Jun)


So, with the new year comes a whole new list of books that are coming out and some of them end up being our anticipated ones because of ‘n’ number of reasons. I might have forgotten completely about it till I saw a few posts popping up on blogs and booktube. So I smacked my forehead and just decided on doing this one because, of course, I wanted to do this one!

Now, they are not quite in the same order as being released because I kinda put them in my priority release order, i. e. I want them the most. So, here’s a list of all the books I am hoping will blow my mind. Mind you, there will be books that aren’t on this list but blow my mind anyway but those can’t be anticipated, they are a surprise sometimes, so, obviously those are not included.

The Sisters Grimm by Menna van Praag |6 Feb 2020| Bantam Press

As I said in an earlier post, there’s fantasy, there’s portal?, there’s siblings. Sign me up. I hope I do like it because I have seen some really dramatic rating curves on this one.

SpellHacker by M. K. England | January 21st 2020 | HarperCollins Children’s Books

I have wanted to read The Disasters by M. K. England ever since it came out but haven’t managed to. So when the option came up in a book box for this one, I was like, heck yes. Also the synopsis really reeled me in.

Long Bright River by Liz Moore | January 7th 2020 | Riverhead Books

I read The Unseen World by Liz Moore last year and I was simply in awe. It was one of my favourites of the year because it made me love a genre I am not used to and it eased me into the genre instead of intimidating me into it. So, can’t wait to read more of this author. I am trying/hoping to have a physical copy but chances are, I will be giving in and just buying an ebook version.

The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave | February 6th 2020 | Picador

One of the e-ARCs I talked about in an earlier post and I have finished reading it and I really enjoyed this one. I am thinking of buying a finished copy because it’s just so good and look at that cover!!! Review for this one will be coming soon.

You Let Me In by Camilla Bruce | March 5th 2020 | Transworld Digital

It’s a murder mystery and it sounds pretty awesome! So, here’s me hoping to dip my toes into this genre. I am so not used to it but hey, it also sounds amazing. A bestselling author who apparently got away with murder and then, she disappears. Only letters were left behind. So, of course, I wanna read it.

The Glass Hotel by Emily St John Mandel |February 15th 2020 | Picador 

Everyone keeps singing praises of Station Eleven and I still haven’t gotten around to it but I am also cautiously excited for this one because just like with Station Eleven, the synopsis makes me very, very intrigued.

Be Not Far From Me by Mindy McGinnis| March 2nd, 2020 | HarperCollins

I haven’t read the other one from this author yet, the one I was actually recommended to read after finishing Sadie by Courtney Summers but that never happened. It might still but this one, frankly, sounds more my alley than the other one from this author?

The Teacher by Michal Ben-Naftali | January 21st 2020 | Open Letter

This one was put on my radar by Callum and I just knew that I needed to read it. It sounds pretty harrowing and gripping? I am not sure but I sure am excited for it.

The Illness Lesson by Claire Beams | February 6th 2020 | Doubleday

I think I saw this on either Callum’s or Rachel’s blog, I can’t be certain but it really gripped my attention. It is similar to Wilder Girls and anything even remotely like Wilder Girls is a heck yes from me. That book was bloody good.

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell | March 10th 2020 | William Morrow

Is this one too hyped? Perhaps. Does it still intrigue me? Yes. Is this gonna be a bit daunting to me because of the topics discussed in the book? Heck yes. Is it gonna stop me from reading? Nope. It does contain a student-teacher relationship and how it looks to the protagonist when she’s older in the wave of #metoo. So, yeah. That’s gonna a tough read for me.

The Island Child by Molly Aitken | January 30th 2020 | Canongate Books Ltd.

I will be happy admitting that this one is a cover pick. I mean, look at it! It’s just so freaking gorgeous! This is in a maybe category for me because this has so many content warnings that my fragile heart might not be able to handle it in the long run.

Blue Ticket by Sophie Mackintosh | May 7th, 2020 | Hamish Hamilton

I really loved The Water Cure and still feel affronted that it wasn’t shortlisted for the Booker. Anyway, so of course, I want to read Blue Ticket because it sounds super interesting and anything that Mackintosh wants to write, I wanna give it a chance.

Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers | February 4th, 2020 | Wednesday Books

After reading Sadie last year? Or was it 2018?! Oh, god. I need to check that. In any case, Sadie destroyed me in every possible way, I was ugly crying and the end was devastating but! I still want to read this one because apparently, I love the pain?

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas |  June 9th 2020 | Swoon Reads

Hello. Trans boy, ghosts, Latinx rep, magic and falling in love? Yes. Please. Do sign me up. I cannot have enough #ownvoices books for me.

The Empire of Gold by S.A. Chakraborty | June 30th 2020 | HarperVoyager

It’s the last chapter in this story, the conclusion to the trilogy and I can’t wait for it because I have had to stop myself from reading the second book. Why, you ask? Well, because I want the third one immediately on hand. So, yeah. Cannot wait for this one.

Docile by K.M. Szpara | March 3rd 2020 |

This is another maybe for me. Simply the synopsis makes me want to read and at the same time, makes not want to read it? But! This quote from the author Tamsyn Muir makes me want to read it.

“DOCILE is like eating a chocolate and you find half a spider inside but the spider is also your ability to love yourself, an ability you sold to a bad man for some stale bread.” 

So let’s see what happens.

The Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence | April 30th 2020 | HarperVoyager

Never read Mark Lawrence and have been meaning to but I am also intimidated by the books? In any case, this one sounds pretty interesting. Anything to do with super cold places always draws me in. So…yeah. Can’t wait for it.

Network Effect by Martha Wells | May 5th 2020 |

You all know how much I absolutely adore the MurderBot series, I loved every installment of it and to know that there’s a whole novel coming out for this series? Be still my heart. I love it already if the tone of the series hasn’t changed drastically. So, there’s that.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia | June 30th 2020 | Del Rey

After reading Gods of Jade and Shadow, I knew I wanted to read more of this author and the gods are blessing me with this one. The cover, the synopsis and Moreno-Garcia’s writing. I just want it now.

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So, that’s the books I can currently think of that are coming out between January and June of 2020. If you think I have missed out some glaringly obvious releases then please, don’t hesitate to comment and remind of those releases!

thank you

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    1. Yes, I mean, I always feel like I need the next book in the series with me if I am gonna read a book in the series. It’s weird, I know. What can you do?

      Also I am so glad you enjoyed the second book, I have heard some mixed reviews with this one and tried not to colour my opinion about it before reading.

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