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Book Series To Conquer in 2020


I have been talking about my goals this week and part of that is actually reading and finishing the series on my to be read list. I am mostly focusing on the finished series this year because while I am busy chasing after ongoing series, my actually finished tbr are not being read. So I will be trying my best to at least finish some of these series.

While I am not saying that I will not be reading any of the ongoing series but I will try to put more attention and time into reading the finished series. It’s high time I did that.

Mind you, I am not expecting to finish them all because that’s just unrealistic on my part and I am trying to be more honest with myself this year. These are the series I am hoping to read this year.

The Bone Witch

The Southern Reach

The Divine Cities

The Black Magicians

The Broken Earth

The Licanius Trilogy

The Liveship Traders


Arc of a Scythe

Lightbringer Series


I know. I know what you are thinking. That’s a lot of books to read during the year and that’s excluding other genres but I am not expecting to finish all of them but these are the ones I really do want to get to. As these are the finished ones, I am hoping to read at least three of them during the year depending on their page count and time afforded to me.

Of course, they are all fantasy or science fiction but then, nobody should be surprised. Also I would also like to know if there are any series outside of those genres that I should be paying attention to? Because I don’t really know many series outside of scifi or fantasy. So, please, if there are any, gimme some recommendations to add to my tottering tbr.

Do you have any series you would like to finish or start this year? Any series based goals in your future? Comment and tell me all about it.

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