Goals in 2020


Like every other person on earth, I also have some goals *cough*resolutions*cough* for the year and while I am at least 50% optimistic about them, I can’t promise that they will be perfectly achieved. That’s just not how my reading goes and it’s always great to be practical about these matters, isn’t it?

So, with that caveat in mind, let’s get into my goals for the year.

Backlist TBR/ Physical TBR

Ever since I started blogging, my physical tbr as well as my backlists in general have been increasing and my mood reading has not helped me in conquering them. So this year, I am hoping to give more attention to the books chilling on shelves than those I am enticed by on Instagram. I am hoping to read at least one backlist book each month with a possibility of maybe two or three. I know, wild, right?


So I know I am obsessed with fantasy and maybe science fiction a lot more than any other genre and there’s nothing wrong with that but I have been wanting to broaden my horizon for a while now. Last year was okay in that regards but not enough so this year, I do want to make sure that I explore more genres, more authors, more topics. More nonfiction. You get the gist.

Less ARCs/Timely Reviews of ARCs

It is a goal I am already achieving with relative success. When I came to know about ARCs, I went a little crazy and requested more books than I knew what to do with. The result was me being stressed about them and then, actually not really liking them a whole lot. So since last year, I have tried to make sure that I only request books that I am genuinely interested in and it’s been a blessing. So I am hoping to continue that in this year as well, in addition to that. I am hoping to write the review immediately after I have read the book and before or at least on the books publishing date. (Let’s see how it actually goes.)

More Book Reviews

Continuing with the book review thing, I also want to be better at posting book reviews in general. I hope I post as many book reviews as possible, in that, for at least every three books, there has to be one review and maybe mini reviews? I haven’t actually sorted out the system quite yet but I am hoping to be better with the reviews this year. The biggest obstacle comes when I love a book too much because then, all I end up writing is ‘omg, this book is great, go read it.’ and never end up telling you why it’s great. It’s a failing of mine, I accept it. So more nuanced reviews are what my dreams are made of.

More Readathons? Challenges

This one I am iffy about, I like the concept of a readathon and I do get excited over it but somehow despite me wanting to read during readathons, something happens and I don’t end up participating in them properly. However what I decided as a solution to this problem is to only participate in the yearlong readathons. There’s also the yearly reading challenges, I think, they are more suited to me than the general readathons and I am just sad to admit it.


So this is a very weird one and I know it. I want to read more completed trilogies. I have some of them in physical form and some in digital, I actually want to read them before the end of the year. I really love trilogies or duologies for that matter because they pack so much in two or three books.


So that’s it for my goals, they aren’t lofty, right? Do you have any goals for the year? Or are you better at admitting that you are winging it unlike me? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Goals in 2020

  1. Good luck with your resolutions! I find reading challenges a bit easier to stick to than readathonsā€¦. I feel like readathons are more focused on the social side of things like vlogging and twitter and reading challenges focus more on just reading

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    1. Exactly!! All that Twitter and reading sprints are not possible for me because my timezone is way different than most other people and so I am never there. šŸ˜ž So yeah. Yearly challenges are a much better option.


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