So. Readathons.

Hello, bookworms!

I hope this post finds you in a far better mood than me. November has not been the best reading month because while it started with a brilliant bang, the last two weeks of the month so far haven’t been the best.

On top of that, I also tried a readathon during the month. Needless to say, I didn’t quite win at it. I can’t even say ‘Oh, well. Things happen.’ this time because damnit! I was reading quite an engaging book at the time but the moment I kinda posted about the readathon, I kind lost all the time I had to read and then, when time was granted to me, I couldn’t pick up the book and finish it.

It’s weird but it is something I am worried about. Working full time and participating in readathons is a bit of a juggle. I didn’t fail at the other readathons (only one if I remember correctly, I think.) so I was overly optimistic about this one. I don’t know what it is about having even a little bit of pressure but the pressure does me in every freaking time without fail. So, I didn’t end up reading much at all. That feeling is not good and it is, I think, my own failing as far as any time pressurised reading is concerned. I put pressure on myself, especially when I didn’t get to read anything for the better part of the readathon.

I have learned my lesson, I will not expect too much out of the readathons if and when I do participate because it’s just not good for me and doesn’t have the results I want in the end.

This has been a weird post but also me trying to figure out how to not put too much pressure on myself and to be realistic about having a full time job, having an apparently happening life that sometimes would definitely come in between my reading plans. Yeah, this post is not for people who have their reading habits are sorted out but for me, who sometimes realise that whoa. I have a life that is outside of reading and I can’t always expect it work out perfectly.

Yes. That’s it. That’s the post.

If you were expecting anything earth-shattering, why were you here to begin with?

In any case, tell me about your reading woes if you have any. If you have suggestions about my reading woes then, please, suggest away. In general, have a good reading week unlike me.

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