46% Better Than Dave

46% Better Than Dave by Alastair Puddick

A novel of jealousy, muddy shoes and giant barbecues.

Dave Brookman’s new next-door neighbour is ruining his life. Because in a bizarre coincidence, he’s also called Dave Brookman, he’s the same age and he even grew up in the same town. There is one big difference, though – this new Dave is vastly more successful in every way.

As Dave starts questioning everything about himself, suddenly his perfect life seems a lot less than perfect. And what starts as friendly rivalry soon turns into obsessive jealousy and crazy behaviour that could see Dave lose it all.

Can he get a grip before it’s too late?

Soooo! This one is so out of my general pick of the week that it’s not even funny. Although the book itself is funny. So, about this book, someone on GoodReads called it the adult version of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” and I think it’s pretty on point.

This book uses the literary doppelgänger trope winningly, Dave Brookman is a victim of his plans and ideas. When another Dave moves in the neighbourhood, our Dave starts to feel a bit odd (but obvious) and a bit intimidated/sad because the other Dave apparently has everything this Dave doesn’t. A successful career, a model wife and everything that suddenly seems to be what our Dave wanted his life to be.

I think I read it quickly but didn’t update it on GoodReads promptly. (Story of my life) It’s not super new but it’s certainly interesting and entertaining enough that I kinda flew through it. Underneath the humorous take on the situation, there’s a serious thread running throughout the story. It gives focus to how much we compare our lives and everything in life with others, with those we think are superior to us or living better on self-imposed criteria and eligibility.

While this is a fairly good book, there were parts that I felt dragged a bit, at times too many times for my comfort. I did giggle and snort and it’s a solid 3.5 stars for me but I wish it was edited a bit better so that the flow was better. Overall, a fun and quick read and something that makes you think once you are finished reading.

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