Women’s Prize for Fiction 2019


I am a bit to the party with this one, I know but seeing as I have read a few books, I decided why not talk about these books? The review for the books are either already posted on the blog or will be posted in the coming weeks.

Of the sixteen nominations, I am surprised to say that I have read a small percentage of it. Generally, I am not one to follow bookish awards but seeing as I have either read them or planned to read them anyway, I thought, might as well. Perhaps this is not the ideal approach towards this award but that is all the excitement I can muster right now. Hopefully, the anticipation will increase as the time passes.

Now these are the ones I have already read, granted they are not a lot. Of the sixteen, only four? But no worries, I am hoping to read more of them before June.


Circe by Madeline Miller 

Even though there are many reasons to not love it, I think I am still a bit in love with this one. Warts and all. Circe was unsurprisingly a success even though there were still a few points that people (including me) had some issues with. I am happy enough about the inclusion in the longlist.

Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

This one was absolutely fabulous and I was just left speechless by the sheer writing in this one. This was my first time with Moss’ writing and you can bet I am going to be reading more of her works. It’s inclusion in the long list does not surprise me in the least and I wish it would also be shortlisted.

The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! It is such a phenomenal book! I can’t talk about it enough but seriously, it deserves all the praise and more. Pat Barker has something truly astonishing with Briseis’ perspective on the Trojan war and I am just so happy it’s longlisted! I am really rooting for it.

The Bottled Goods by Sophie van Llewyn

I went into this one with no real idea of what to expect and I am glad for it. This set for a good and absolutely enlightening journey through revolutionary Romania in the eighties. This was such a unique way of telling the protagonist’s story and I was absolutely in love with the small chapters and their titles. I hope it is shortlisted because it is such a uniquely written novel and I just really loved it.

I doubt I would be able to finish reading a lot of the following titles before the shortlist is announced but I am really hoping to read these titles.

Remembered by Yvonne Battle-Felton

I am intrigued about the book after reading the synopsis but there have been some reviews which are a bit discouraging if I am being honest. Let’s see how it works out for me, it’s not a terribly long novel.

Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi

This sounds absolutely haunting and amazing and I just have to read it. Also it’s a debut, I believe? So that adds to the allure. A girl with multiple selves? A mental health related book written by the experiences of the author? I cannot wait to read this one. And while it might sound terrible and the wording might have been a touch unfortunate, I really am interested in this one.

Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli

This is one of the books that I am interested in but also at the time, feel a bit reluctant to pick up? I like the sound of it but at the same time, something is holding me back. Let’s see what really happens in the end. If you see a review then consider it read or else, I might forever be in limbo about this one.


My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

This is one of those books that I have been dying to read because it sounds so fascinating. I have also heard that it has some dark humour as well and that’s right up my alley. So, I am hoping to enjoy this quick and fun ride.

Normal People by Salley Rooney

At this point, people have heard enough about Normal People that I don’t think I need to go into reasons of why I want to read this. I am going to try my best to go into this one with little to no expectations because I am too scared of being let down.


The rest of the nominations aren’t something I am super excited to read for multiple reasons. However, I am pretty sure they are totally deserving of their nominations, of course! I might read them at some future point when I am actually interested in them but I don’t see myself reading the rest of the titles.


Of the books not making it on the longlist, I am really surprised that Severence by Ling Ma wasn’t on this list? It was bloody fantastic, I was really blown by its quiet brilliance. And from what I have read, it’s also a pity that My Year of Rest & Relaxation also should have been longlisted. I have been meaning to read it but haven’t managed it yet. (what a pity!)

So, what about you? Have you read any of the above titles? Are you following the Women’s Prize?Any books that you felt deserved its place on the longlist? Tell me all about in the comments.





5 thoughts on “Women’s Prize for Fiction 2019

  1. Of the books you posted I have read Circe and My Sister the Serial Killer and I LOVED them both. My Sister the Serial Killer I ended up reading in a single sitting. I have Bottled Goods and The Silence of the Girls on my TBR, both of which I am looking forward to getting to. I am planning on reading The Silence of the Girls next month.

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