Wednesday Wishlists

Ciao, lovely bookworms!

I am back with another one of the wishlists! I have an idea to keep a bimonthly schedule for this thing because it just seems like the right way to go about it. This week, the topic is going to be confidence. Some have it, some have trouble with it. I belong to the latter category. IĀ  have always had trouble with confidence, when I was younger, I used to have bouts of confidence where I would be totally okay with talking in a public area or dance in front of an audience but those times were fleeting and frankly, I wish I had or at least my parents had tried to help me with it because it is still very much a problem for me.

After my high school was done, I stopped even trying to do anything about because I always felt that I wasn’t really needed to be ‘seen’, if you know what I mean? I always blend in and that became my comfortable place but because of this, I just never got to get out of that comfortable place and be more myself. Whoever that might have been. I guess, that possibility door is rather closed because whatever I could have been during my teen years or even during my early twenties is pretty gone.


However I have decided that I should try something anyway because you know what? Now that I am almost thirty, I wanna see if anything can be improved in this area. My lack of confidence has always hurt me academically or otherwise, isn’t it high time I don’t let it?

Having a blog and talking about my favourite things has made me a bit better in online interactions, bookstagram has also helped immensely. I have met people through that platform that are rather confident and they have even given me a few tips and such. So, online interactions are going fairly well so far. Online interactions are the lesser evil though and I think actually talking to people with confidence and without freaking about it is a harder task.

So, here’s how I am hoping to go about it. If you have any better tips, please, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments. I clearly need all the help I can get.

  1. The very first thing I know I have to do is to get out of my comfort zone. I know myself too well in this, I can and I will stay in cozy place I have made for myself forever if given a chance however that is stunting my growth as a person and I have been doing small things to avoid that but I have realised that I need to do more and bigger things if I really want any actual visibleĀ  and positive results.
  2. I have already started this and I am glad of it, I have started to eat healthier food and I have been trying (and failing at times) to work out properly so, I am going to start doing that more seriously. My physical health is going to be important in keeping me mental healthy, after all.
  3. I am going to set some goals and work towards them in small ways. In ways that won’t overwhelm me or make my escapist little mind run from them. (Yes, I have a bad tendency to do that.)
  4. I am an impulsive person and yet, not in the best way. I have never just left the house to just roam the city. I never go out and sit at a cafe on my own because I feel freaking awkward doing that. So, I am going to start doing that as well. (I am hoping this will be successful because I dearly want to.)
  5. I am also trying to be more organised than I am currently. I have these phases where I am organizing my room or my flat to a t but then I won’t do it for a month and it will be all weird and messy and I am frustrated with myself. Depending on the time given to me to clean up daily and organise things, I am hoping to try to do better.

So, this is today’s wishlist. I wish to be more confident in life, in public and in general. I am not sure how much of a change this would bring in me but I am ready to try. I have spent too much of life trying to be invisible or to blend in. And I am not expecting a miracle but I do want to be seen and heard by the people close to me as well as people I might want to be friends with or even be acquainted with.

So, what do you think? Is is something that will help me or do you have some better tips that would be more beneficial in the long run? Tell me all about it in the comments. Trust me, I do read them and will definitely try them.

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