Book Haul for September


I hope you are all feeling awesome because frankly, I am feeling awesome. I just did a count of my books hauled this month and oh boy. I certainly went a little crazy but the thing is, none of them were super expensive. More than half of them were at least on a sale or second hand books so that always makes me happy. Not spending too much is such a rush when it comes to awesome books, right?

It’s coming up my birthday month and I have some ideas as to how I wanna spend  more of my money. (It’s gonna be books, in case there was any doubt.) I mean, at this point, people should these things about me. I might go wild and buy some new dress or something ( I really should, I don’t have many good things.) Anyway! This is not about me rambling about how much more money I am going to spend. This is about how much money I have spent on books this month.

So, without any more babbling! Onto the book haul then!


Radio Silence 

So, yeah, this book is brilliant. Radio Silence by Alice Oseman was recommended by many people and as I said before, Kat from Paperback Dreams also never stops recommending it. It was worth all the hype and raving reviews. I read it and fell in love with almost everyone! Literally everyone, ok?

I was Born for This

After the fantastic experience with Radio Silence, my expectations are higher than usual. I am hoping to read this and fall in love with it as well. I should say that I got these two with blind faith in people I trust with book tastes. So, I think I was handsomely rewarded.

I’ll Give You the Sun

This is another of those I have heard of from so many people and I am going to read it pretty soon. It has such a vibrant cover as well. I fell in love with the cover, frankly.



Regarding On Chesil Beach

I read this one in a single day, I think? I might be wrong but this is a short book and leaves such a lasting impression. I am pretty sure I will never forget this book. It starts out so hopefully and then it just becomes sadder and sadder and god. The feels!

I got all these from a second hand online bookshop called ‘BookChor’ which translated to English means ‘book thief’. Yeah. It’s pretty fun, innit? That reminds me I have yet to read ‘The Book Thief’.


I finally have some V. E. Schwab books!! Yay! I got these while they were available at a considerably lower price because her books aren’t exactly cheap. I have to make sure that I grab good opportunities with both hands. (I am not exactly complaining but frankly, it’s ridiculous how expensive some books are, ok?)


I had The Secret History on my iPad but I wanted the physical copy because it’s important that I have it, ok? And I have been meaning to read The Goldfinch forever. So. That one also came along with it.



These four came with a book subscription box and boy, am I happy with these? I already have a post about this, you can check it out!!!

Call Me By Your Name

I have the ebook, I have the audiobook and now I have the physical paperback. Am I obsessed? Perhaps. Do I care? No.

So, these are all the books I bought this month. I know it is a lot of books but you know what? I don’t mind. I am not spending insane amounts on it, I make sure that I am only buying when the prices are at their lowest and not going crazy over it. I remember my Wednesday Wishlist post, ok? So, don’t worry.

What books have you bought this month? If any. Which out of the above books have you read or are anticipating reading? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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