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The Big Book Box (Unboxing)

Do you remember a long, long time ago, I had my very first unboxing? And I mentioned that I had ordered another one of their book boxes, yeah, it took a while for them to get it together because they didn’t limit the number of boxes available however now that they are trying to change that. Limiting the number of boxes will hopefully ensure that the boxes leave on time and arrive on time unless there’s some problem from the publishers or something. Those can’t be avoided, I know.

So, here’s the Mocha box for July from The Big Book Box. I ordered it as soon as I saw the books, I mean, not only were they gorgeous but they were also on my wishlist. With one of their discount offer, I even got it for a little bit cheaper, too! So, there was that. This box had four books! Always a plus, don’t you think?

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the box, shall we? The box is the same as the previous one but this one had four books, one paperback and three hardcovers along with some seriously awesome goodies. There was a sampler provided with the box, too!

The theme for July was Happily Ever After and it certainly had the books to show for it. The first thing I saw when I opened the box was the spoiler card which is pretty! Since it was Harry Potter month, I had hoped that they would once again spoil me with that Daily Prophet cover but alas, it wasn’t to be. I understand though, how many times can they possibly use the same thing, right?

Anyway, let’s move on to the books because this is a book box, I do not want keep you guys in suspense. With four books and three of them hardcovers, well, trust me, I got the better deal out of it all.

So, the first book is a paperback edition of Danielle Teller’s ‘All The Ever Afters: The Untold Story of Cinderella’s Stepmother’. Ok, first of all, have you seen how pretty the cover is? It’s so gorgeous! When I had seen it on Instagram and later read up on GoodReads, I knew I had to have it. I have to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of Cinderella growing up, don’t ask me why, I just wasn’t. However lately, fairy tales have become interesting for me again and a book that told the story of Cinderella’s stepmother? It’s definitely worth reading, I should think.

The next one is a hardcover of Louise O’Neill’s ‘The Surface Breaks’, now I have heard some really mixed reviews about this one so I might have to keep an open mind going into it. However that comes later, just look at the dust jacket!!! And the cover itself is so pretty too! It’s just aesthetically pleasing, ok?

The third book is another hardcover, Kirsty Logan’s ‘The Gloaming’. Like ‘The Surface Breaks’, this book is also impossibly pretty. I don’t much know about this one and it is deliberate. I don’t wanna know much about it other than the things told in the synopsis. All I know is that it had glowing reviews from people I trust in bookish tastes, so, that’s it. I don’t need more, I will decide how it is.

The fourth book breaks away from the traditional fairy tales and gives us a raw look at a young boy in Burundi, a stirring tribute not only to a time of tragedy, but also to the bright days that came before it. It’s called ‘Small Country’ by Gaël Faye. It sounds phenomenal and I can’t wait for it devastate me. Because it will be devastating, let’s be honest.

It’s time for the goodies to appear, they didn’t stint on the goodies this time either! So I talked about that lovely sampler, right? Well, there were four coasters to go with it! The book, ‘Life Over Two Beers and Other Stories’ by Sanjeev Sanyal, it released in May, 2018 but I have never really read any of his works so it will be interesting to say the least, besides it sounds pretty fun to read.

Then comes the awfully useful Book Review pad! It’s seriously good, and I think it would work amazingly for bullet points. So, yay for that. Also, I wish I had those absolutely gorgeous editions of the classics at the bottom, oh well.

Next up is EvieBookish‘ tote bag, with ‘Read More Books’ written on it. It’s black and it’s amazing, ok?

There are more goodies! Wait! Since there were two mermaid themed books in the box, there was a candle around that theme as well! The Little Mermaid candle from Storyteller Candle Co. is amazing! It has an almost minty smell! It looks as amazing as it smells and I can’t wait to use it. The next one is an amazing and gentle salt scrub and soak. It smells amazing, it has epsom salt, rose water extract, rose petals and essential oils. You have to smell it to truly enjoy it. Seriously.

And last but not the least, there are some absolutely awesome, double-sided bookmarks! Because July is the month for Harry Potter fans, they spoiled us with some seriously gorgeous bookmarks. I am not sure who the creator is because it’s not mentioned but trust me, they are amazing. I absolutely love the art style and one of the quotes is definitely relatable to me. Guess which one it is, if you guess it right, well, you get a comfy hug from me. Over the internet.

Overall, I think this was box was totally worth the money I paid for it. Considering the fact that it had three hardcover books (expensive ones as always) plus a paperback and some awesome goodies? I am surprised it only cost as much as it did. Kudos to the people at The Big Book Box, truly.

That’s it for now and I am not sure when the next unboxing will be because I haven’t really booked one as of now. I do want to check out some different boxes, too. I must say though my start with subscription boxes was done right.

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