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Wednesday Wishlists

Hello, lovely bookworms!

So, remember when I said I wanted to bring variety to my blog content and I wanted to experiment? Well, here I am with experimenting and stuff. I am not sure if this thing has been done before or not but I am starting it. Hopefully, it will stick if it epically fails then well, you might not see this again. Who knows.

In any case, I have been fiddling with this one for a while. I was conflicted whether to make this bookish or not and I finally decided that it can be bookish and non-bookish, I don’t have to make the hard choice in this matter. It’s my blog! I could do what I want. Well, to a certain extent. This is something that would/ could help me improve myself in bits and pieces. Maybe. Who really knows at this point.

Anyway. So, in today’s post I wanna talk about impulse buying or emotional buying of things I don’t need. I do this so easily and have done that far too many times to count. Sure, it’s mostly books and not much else but if I am being honest, it’s not exactly healthy for me to deal with my less-than-ideal emotional state this way. And so, this Wednesday Wishlist is comprised of the following:


  1. No more impulse buying (No, not even when I feel like I need to, as if my life depends on it. I don’t need it and wanting is not enough of an excuse to have it.*)
  2. No more buying books or things just to feel better about life or for the time being. (After all, I am not rich and the money thing needs to used properly. I shouldn’t spend too much on the books or things when I still have unread books on my shelf. It’s just draining the resources and not a good way to deal with emotional problems.)
  3. No book buying bans. (They work with me, apparently but the reaction of wanting to buy all the books on sale is strong and it’s not worth it.**)
  4. Try to follow the five books read, one book bought rule. (Yeah, I trying that out right now, this way, I won’t spend tons of money at once and be sad about it and I will always get books. I am not sure how to work this strategy with trilogies or duologies but I am working on it. Maybe I will buy them all using the rules and then start reading or something. God, this sounds hard.)

So, that’s today’s wishlist. I am hoping that the rules I set for myself aren’t too hard to follow. I know I am super impulsive and that one is going to hurt me. Seriously. But other than that, maybe it will work out. I will update how it’s working in future posts.

Oh, god I really hope this isn’t a disaster. Wow. Ok, I am done.

So, do you face the same problems as me? If you do, what do you do to control these habits? If you have any tips whatsoever, please, feel free to share them in the comments. Also, don’t feel shy sharing your opinion about the post itself, is it something I should continue?


Notes :

*It’s not that I shouldn’t want it or my wants aren’t important, it’s not about that. It’s more about holding myself responsible for these impulses.

**I say it’s not worth it because even though I will read the books at some point, and they wouldn’t really go to waste, I need to control myself while spending money simply because I think I am spending less money. It’s still spending money that I hadn’t considered spending. Or something to that effect. I want to keep a limit on how much I spend it on things. It’s so hard to explain this part but hopefully, you guys have understood at least a bit of it by now.

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