A few snaps


You guys have already seen that I kinda love posting any good photos that I take, so, today, I am here to share some photos I took last month and a few this month. As usual, they aren’t the best and they aren’t at all professional so, look at them with a grain of salt. Let’s just get started, shall we?

The first few pics are from when my sister and I went to a newly opened cafe, it’s quite good even though the lighting isn’t the best for photos.




Then we went to another cafe very near to the museum we visited, we had pizza and Chinese food along with this beauty. We had to have one those monster/ freak shakes ( I don’t remember which). It was huge and my sister and I shared it because it would have been almost impossible to finish it after our lunch.

And of course, we had to have it. It was so delicious!


Then, last week we went to another cafe, yes, we seemed to have cafe-hopped all over the place this month but it was fun and something we don’t do often. Anyway, this time we had pasta, and it was spicy, so much so my sister had to ask for more water and more cheese. Oops. It was tasty, for sure but it was a tad too spicy even for arrabiata. Truly.

One thing I didn’t understand, the name of the cafe suggested Mexican but there was absolutely nothing remotely Mexican there, no food that we can generally assume would be present. That was disappointing. The coffee there was….I can’t even call it coffee, if I am being honest, it was just tons of milk with a dash of coffee.


Then we come to the museum photos! I was so happy with these. I mean, as soon as I looked at those places, I knew I had to take a pic. The Ravenclaw part of me was very, very happy. I mean, that staircase and that window…ugh. So pretty.

I took some photos of some pretty lights? I have no excuse for this.



And now we come to the last part of the post. We are gonna look at sunset, people. I am turning into my father, I swear to god. He also has tons of photo albums filled with sunsets.


How pretty is this!!!!!!


When Mother Nature finally blessed with some much needed rain. This was taken right before the rain started, it was all very windy, and there was dust everywhere and yes, that’s exactly the light we had, trust me. I just tried to do something and kinda failed but hey, the colours didn’t change, there was just tons of pixellation.


Then I went to the terrace to take a snap but it was too windy and the dust was everywhere so I could take only one pic before I had to go downstairs. What a pity, the sky was glorious, seriously. It was all very ‘End of the World’ and doom and that sort of thing. I don’t know, it always makes me happy? Excited? I don’t know the right word.


And here we are. That’s it. That’s the photos I can share for now. There will be a book haul post in the coming week, along with a review or two. I am mostly going to have a re-read of some series as I mentioned in my last post. I do have a few posts planned so no worries.

Till the next time!


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