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Roller Coaster

I told you guys that my work schedule was going to get crazier and messier and I might not have enough time to deal with the blog and I was totally right. Which is why I had the posts all planned out and written in the beginning of the week and then, the bomb dropped.

Not an actual bomb, mind you. You wouldn’t see this post if that had happened.

When I say bomb, I mean….the king and queen of the headaches. Mid-week, I had one of the most awful headaches of my life and it didn’t stop. It followed me the next day and further. When I went to the doctor (because I got scared when along with my head, my neck and left shoulder started to ache fiercely as well!), he told me after checking me that I had migraines. Wow. That’s not something I had expected in life, frankly.

I have some aunts and cousins who suffer from migraines and it’s never pretty but to experience it first hand was super hard and just a tad bit sad. Everything was made ten times harder, my thought process wasn’t working properly, light hurt my eyes, every time I ate I felt nauseous. It was bad. Really, really bad.

Even worse was the fact that I had to take a few days off because of the fever and the migraines. I told my HR team at work on the first day through email that my sister was suffering through this and that she won’t be able to come to work. I had never been more out of it than that day. I later came to know about it because the HR team contacted my father about the same and then, I looked at the mail. How awful!!!

I am not to inform anyone about such things under these circumstances, my sister will be taking care of that from now on.

I do want to end the post on a good note so I wanna share a few photos I snapped while I was feeling good….

As usual, the disclaimer applies. I am not a proper photographer and don’t expect them to be super professional. In fact, look at them with squinted eyes, that might make them look better.








I got book mail and I had been waiting for it very, very eagerly. I had only seen Rumi’s poetry on Pinterest or Instagram and just flashes of it had made me very intrigued with it. So, when the opportunity came, I grabbed it with both hands. In return, I got this very pretty, pale pink perfection in hands!!




There’s some more book mail expected, if you are following me on Instagram, you would likely see it there as it happens! So, make sure to follow me there. I am super eager for all of them but there is one I am most excited about… guys know what book it would be, don’t you?

Yeah, it’s Circe. It’s been dispatched and will likely reach me by next week. So, as I did with ‘The Song of Achilles’, expect much oohing and aahing over this one as well. Why? Because I already love her way of writing, and I already love¬†The Odyssey,¬†so, it’s not going to be a hard task to love it.

That’s it for now but expect a review tomorrow and more reviews in the coming days! For now, arrivederci!!!!


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