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An explanation

So, I am absolutely aware of the lack of activity on my blog and there are good reasons for this! I promise. You know how I have been moaning about my lack of job and so on since forever.

Well, good news!!!! I have a job and it’s at a publishing house, too!!!! It deals with study materials exclusively but hey, it’s a start. I work full time now and wouldn’t be able to read as much or even write as much anymore. So, I am not going to stop doing any of that obviously but I will be updating this blog twice a week. If there are any changes then I will be sure to inform you guys.

This is a huge change for me and there have been ups and downs, managing time has become a tiny bit harder for one. But that’s all ok so long as I get to do all the things I want. And I get money of my own, that feeling is seriously addictive and I don’t mind this one addiction.

I know.

It sounds awesome and horrible at the same time for me because I am so, so glad that I have a job now (still in probation period but hey! it’s still a start.) but it also sort of cuts a lot of time on my reading and reviewing time. I currently have six books I have to read and I will be doing that slowly but surely. I will get through them and buy some more books when the time comes. (Nobody can stop me this time. They will be brand new books too!!)

As of now, I haven’t decided on the days but I will be making sure that the posts are staggered throughout the week. Sunday will most likely be a sure day for post but the other one, I am undecided between Wednesday and Thursday. If you have suggestions, gimme!

A new review will be up tomorrow without fail. I have, I think, two reviews to post that are long overdue. There will be a few bookish posts that are not reviews, too! I do have some solid plans for the blog. Just neglecting it for a week made me feel so odd and bad. Funny how just three months makes one fall in love with a thing. Or maybe it’s just a lovely habit now. Don’t they say that it takes ninety days to create a lifestyle? And blogging is sort of part of my lifestyle now. I can’t imagine not doing it, frankly.

So, here’s to better days and better planning! Here’s to more reviews and bookish things. (Hopefully, for more writing as well? I don’t know about that yet.)

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