So, I posted a few photos and it was well received so, I thought to have some more snaps here! My sister and I have been a bit obsessed with sunsets and sky in general for the last two days because it’s summer and the burst of colours is absolutely majestic at sunset. Yesterday, we took some photos from our windows but then we had the bright idea of going to our building’s terrace and try our hand there.

It was a good idea, frankly. I mean. You will see the difference immediately, I guess. (It’s kinda hard to not notice, to be honest. )

These are the photos I took from our windows.




And these are the ones I took today from our building’s terrace and these are the ones I really love. Not to say that the first ones weren’t gorgeous but well…I have plans to go again and I would like to time them the way I did yesterday.

This one is all about the buildings in the distance. No sunset here. I used Miniature tool on my phone! It looked good at the time but I am not too sure now? Ugh. It’s still pretty, I guess.


Now comes the sky!



clone tag: -2577524169467336751

I am not even sure why I am in love with these ones but I am! The fact that this happens within minutes of each other and happens differently everyday blows my mind on a daily basis but that’s completely beside the point. 🙂

Hope these aren’t too terrible! I know, one of them is a bit pixelated but I tried to make it better but managed to make it look worse so I let it be. Oh, well.


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