I sometimes take some photos just for the fun of it, of course, I have to have the one that looks perfect of the bunch. So, here are some I took during this month. Yes, the month is not over yet but hey! I can share whenever I want. I just hope they are not too terrible. I am, in no way, trained in photography but I try my hand at it.

  1. Lazy afternoon


2. When the lights go out and the only source of light is the diyas!


3. Shadow play?


4. My all time favourite earrings


5. Cute earrings of the month


6. Just something I bought the other day (I love the stone pendant)


7. God knows what this is, it’s been in our box forever. (sort of a necklace, I suppose.)


8. Couple of rings I absolutely love!


9. Just passing the time, really. Tried to do something and maybe managed it. (Since you can see the sky outside, I consider it a victory. :P)


10. I loved the light here, that’s all. (Taken while I was having my morning coffee)



Mind you, all my photos have been taken on my phone and they are absolutely not super awesome but these are the ones I really liked so I thought, why not share them? I do have a proper point and shoot camera but it’s not working at the moment and I have been putting off repairing it for so long, I doubt if the repairing is even an option anymore. Oh well. Soon, I will either have it repaired or buy a new one. Let’s see what happens.

I would love any feedback, constructive criticism is doubtful considering my phone isn’t high end but hey, if you wanna give advice, it’s all fine by me. Keep in mind that I have zero knowledge of the art and would likely have to google things if you get too professional and such.

P.S. The featured photo was taken by me last year? I think. So, it shouldn’t count.


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