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The Mirror and The Mountain

The Mirror & The Mountain by Luke Aylen

In Luke Aylen’s The Mirror and the Mountain, a title released in association with Essential Christian, two 11-year-olds pass through a mirror and end up in a magical kingdom called Presadia.

Trapped in a war-torn kingdom with no way home, Summer and Jonah are pulled into a strange quest to find the long-lost king, who alone has the power to restore peace to Presadia. Meeting strange and wonderful people along the way, including the dwarf high lord, the elf queen and a fire-breathing dragon, they learn important lessons about pride, greed, and the power of words as they embark on an epic journey to save the realm.

The children and their new friends must be brave as they fly across the broken kingdom and climb a misty mountain. Can they fulfil their quest to find the king and restore peace to Presadia? And will Summer and Jonah ever make it back to their own world?


I was kindly given a copy of the book from NetGalley for an honest review and that’s exactly what it is.

I wanted to read the book because it seemed like it could take me back to my childhood, you know, having adventures and such. I was right, this book is absolutely delightful. This book comes out later this month and I am glad I got to read it. I have read that it gives a reference to book of James in the Bible but I have no idea, I am not a Christian.

The book tells a story of a boy and a girl who accidentally travel to a hidden world called Presedia, it has everything that a fantasy fan requires. The world contains dragons, kings, elves and many more! It was very easy to read the book and on top of that, it was entertaining. His characters are actually pretty spot on when it comes to the age group. Jonah and Summer are absolutely fun to read and their journey in the hidden world is fascinating to see. It did have some really nice life lessons and it had a sort of Aesop’s tales vibe? In that there were morals to be learned, life lessons to be understood and that sort of thing.

I loved the book and it sort of made me feel young again, and I got to enjoy a nice adventure through Jonah and Summer. What more could I ask for?

I would recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy, who wants to revisit their childhood, anyone who has children and would like to read to them. It’s just the right thing to expose your children to.


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