So, the heat is killing me.

Not literally but in a way, it is killing me.

I have lived in Mumbai my whole life and not even for one summer has it forgiven me for living here. Seriously, every summer it’s the same thing. Either I have nosebleeds (which made a return, thanks a lot, nature) or there are ‘n’ number of things that happen to make the summers miserable.

I try so hard to not be defeated but when my head is literally aching so much that death is a better option then I have admit defeat. This week showed me that summer is truly here and it’s here to stay for three long months. I was positive that I wouldn’t let it affect me but the thing is, it has already affected me in a bad way.

I haven’t read in over two days because my head was killing me. I haven’t even be able to enjoy the things that I actually love to do. Like cooking, listening to music or even talk to my sister! It just makes everything worse, I had to order in food today. This was a low point and I have a feeling I am gonna have a few more before the summer is out. (There is a reason summer is my least favourite season.)

Anyway. I just wanted to get it out, the weird anger and frustration I am feeling.

I am still not losing hope, it will be hard for me to cope with the heat and everything that comes with it.


I have lost temper with my sister, my father and even the maid that comes in to help with the house. It’s just….everything is pissing me off. Really bad few days in general.

And the worst thing is….I can’t even go anywhere colder because it’s summer everywhere in the country, obviously but the places that are colder are too far away. Yeah. This post has been constructive and creative and all that jazz.

And yes, this many gifs were totally needed. At least that way, people would look at the gifs and not my whining. (Maybe.)



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