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Mini Updates!

Hello, everyone! How are you guys? I hope you are having a good day.

So, mini updates. Since it’s almost mid-March, I thought to do one of those. Ever since March started, I have been blessed with some really good books. I have read some really good LGBT books so far. I mean, really good. I also ventured into the wilds with a new genre of books. Travel and autobiography. It’s a bit weird for me to read non-fiction but I am finding it to be really entertaining. I don’t know why but I always thought that non-fiction would be utter dry and not interesting but from the two books I have read so far, it’s not been like that at all. So silly of me to think that, isn’t it?

Talking of going out of my comfort zone, I have started to learn a new language. It’s very obviously at a very basic level but I am hoping with time, I would be alright at it. I downloaded Duolingo  just to see if I am really, really interested in learning a new language, and I have found that yes, I am. I already know three languages, including my mother-tongue, of course but learning a new language is always so exciting and scary, isn’t it? I remember when I was starting to learn English, I was always so excited and so scared! I have always been fascinated with Italy so it was only natural that I wanted to learn Italian. So far, it isn’t going too badly, if I complete the course, I will think about joining a proper course (which reminds me, I have to Google for that).

In other news, summer is officially here in Mumbai, I can feel it every day and not in a good way. Just yesterday, I had a nosebleed. I spent the day worried about a repeat performance, and making sure I had enough ice for my nose. Ugh. After years of not having nosebleeds, the sudden reappearance was a scary experience. I don’t mind a little blood in general but the thing with nosebleeds, it’s never just a little blood, is it? So, I am getting ready to cope with the heat by having tons of cool drinks and food that wouldn’t harm me with its heat. Fun times ahead, I can tell you that. Oh, well.

Rest assured that I will continue to post even during those hot, trying times. 🙂 I have a few reviews lined up that I forgot to post (my bad). Then, there’s always the Daily Prompts, I know I don’t always write to them. Sometimes, I just can’t think of anything to write, you know? I am sure many of you have been there before. (At least, I hope so, otherwise, oh my god, what’s wrong with me?) On a completely random note, I am really loving the new theme that I am using. I mean. I already made a post about it, I know but it’s really very me, you know?

Overall, March has been fun and unfun at times. How about you? How have you been? If you have any suggestions, please, leave them in the comments below. I am still learning the ropes and would love to have some good advice!

Till the next time, cheers!



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4 thoughts on “Mini Updates!

    1. I know right? As much as I love reading about those wonderful places, I would rather be there and experience all that but for now, this is a cheaper and entertaining placeholder. A really good one, I think.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE non-fiction books. One’s like ‘Just French’, ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’, ‘How I met your Father’, ‘The Happiest Refugee’, ‘Lion’ etc… There are sooooo many great one’s out there! I think I especially love the stories that take me to another culture, to read about something I could never experience myself… oh and I downloaded Duolingo to a few weeks ago! Trying to brush up on my French 🙂

    p.s a mini update is a GREAT idea. I should do this 🙂

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    1. I guess it might be that I haven’t really been as open-minded about books as I thought? In that, that I ignored certain genres? Oh well, but now I am here and I can only hope to catch up. Ooh! French! I was really confused between French, Italian and Irish, in the end, Italian won. 😛

      I thought mini updates were a thing? They weren’t? Oops. But if you really want, you should totally do it. It is a fun idea, innit?


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