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It was dusk by the time, Neel reached their spot. He was sure he was late, they had decided to meet up at five but it was almost six and he hadn’t been able to call ahead to warn his friend. There hadn’t been enough time, then his phone had died. It was just a disaster of a day, really. He should have known that the day wouldn’t go according to plan. He had had hopes in the morning but as the day unfolded, he just knew something will happen to make it a bad day.

They were meeting after three years, three fucking years. They had promised each other that they wouldn’t be like this, that they wouldn’t lose touch.

‘Nowadays it’s easier to be in touch with each other, let’s not forget that. Even fucking Twitter would have to do but let’s not lose each other, ok?’

He remembers his own words as clear as if someone was saying it beside him. He had failed in his own way and his friend…in others. They were both to blame for what happened but frankly, now that the day was here, he had been hoping for a perfect day. Neel worked as an assistant manager at the local bank, and his friend. Well. He was a globe-trotting photo-journalist, he was living his life and so was Neel. Truly. It was just….those differences in their professions didn’t make for convenient meet-ups.

They hadn’t talked to each other in over six months, they had only chatted and it hadn’t been enough. It really hadn’t been enough. So, there he was, huffing and puffing, running in the park towards their spot. It was a big tree on the hill in the middle of the park. They used to hang out there, talk about their dreams, or just read in peace. As he neared the spot, he started to remember everything in flashes.

They had consoled each other under that tree, one time because of a bad breakup, another because Neel’s father had left them. They had cried and they had laughed and they had just…

He finally reached the tree and there he was, tanned and tall and looking frustrated. He still had the same pout on his face, Neel thought absently. His right hand clenched tightly, turning into a fist and with his left hand, he patted his chest near his heart. It felt odd to see him and yet, there went his heart, beating away wildly.

God, he had loved that man, he still did. He sometimes thinks he will always love him.

What a messy thought to have right before he was to meet his friend.

Still, he smiled and ran up the hill and shouted his friend’s name. The other man was startled and then he laughed loudly when Neel hugged him tightly.

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