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The mists in the morning were her favourite part of the day. She would wake up and look out her window. Her house was surrounded by mist every morning, without fail. The sense of being all alone always gave her a kind of relief. After spending her whole life in a bustling city, the feeling was very welcome. She has been living here for almost an entire year now but she can still remember the busy streets, the suffocating crowds in the trains, the continuous feeling of being late, the never-ending hurry of running towards something.

She doesn’t feel that anymore, doesn’t feel boxed in anymore.

The crowds and the noise and the pressure, she had left all that behind her. Here, she could let her imagination run wild. Here she was making a difference, not a huge one perhaps but it was a difference. She was teaching the village children, they were the bright lights of hope for her. Sure, she didn’t really have anyone to share it with at the moment but that didn’t really bother her. For once in her life, there was nobody stopping her from doing something, anything.

If she wanted to have breakfast for dinner, there was nobody stopping her, if her breakfast sometimes turned into lunch on her day offs, who cared? She was living her life the way she wanted to, she felt as if she was doing something worthwhile with her life. Sure the trappings of the city weren’t here, there was rarely a chance for her to just go out and get some coffee with her friends or go out and buy that latest technological wonder but she had learned something about herself in the past year.

She wasn’t as attached to those things as she had thought.

Nowadays, she taught children in the mornings, the elders in the evenings and in between that, she did whatever she wanted. For once in her life, she had managed to write in her diary for the entire year, she had listened to more music, she had even started gardening with the help of the farmers. She wasn’t terrible at it, she thought. Well, so far her plants were living so there was that.

Living alone had taught her a valuable lesson, she was self-sufficient and she wasn’t as lonely as she thought she would be. She had come to know herself during the year and she liked herself.



via Daily Prompt: Imagination

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