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Off days

I recently told you guys about my finger injury and how that stopped me from posting things. I was just about to get better on that front and start writing when my body decided to have its annual spring fever-ish session. I was attending a wedding, feeling really upbeat about it because I kinda love weddings when they are not mine.

I was glad to meet my distant relatives and catch up with them, we had some really good fun. The food was good too! Everything was going well, I thought to myself that day, well, now, when I go home, if I am not too tired, I will post on my blog. I had some ideas but well, my body had some different ideas.

By the time, I was on the train to come home, typical signs of a proper cold were setting in. When I finally reached home, I had a cold and my body ached and I wanted to fling my head off into the sea. The next day was literally spent in bed, reading and listening to some Lana Del Rey and Laura Marling. My go-to music when I am feeling down.

Then yesterday, I had my monthly gift from God. Because obviously, having a cold and headache and bodyache simply wasn’t enough. So, I repeated the day again, this time with me being in more pain. Sometimes I really hate being a woman, well, to be honest, this is the only time I hate being a woman.

But you know what? I got lost in my books and I am glad that I at least have that option. Sure, the pain is always really bad but the thing is, I am luckier than literally millions of other women who have it way, way worse. So, yes, while I am still pouting about it and sulking like crazy, I am glad that I am where I am in my life. I am lucky enough to pout and sulk.

And guess what?

The pain is receding slowly, leaving me to gather my wits enough to write. So, the silver lining is already there, right?

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