It is something I have always struggled with, today I had to pay a price for that.

The thing is, I generally don’t get angry very easily, or if I do, I forget about it in a few minutes depending on the matter. However today, I got angry over something and the force of the anger didn’t quite warrant the matter at hand. I was just listening to some loud, angry music. Banging about as I made lunch and during this fantastic show of maturity, as I was cutting potatoes, I cut my finger.


Generally I bottle things up and let them out over a period of time but I have been trying not to do that because it’s unhealthy. So, I have been expressing my anger at the time of the incidents, however, never have I ever done something like this. Hurt myself, lose myself in the anger so much that I hurt myself. I kinda hate myself right now?

But I want to know if any of you guys have ever suffered something like this? How did you feel when it happened? What would you suggest as a solution to this sort of problem?

Also, I might not have anything for the blog for at least two-three days as I have just found out how important my finger is when it comes to typing and how much it hurts when I use it.

2 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Anger gets the better of all of us sometimes. One time the motor in my car window broke. It is a $400 fix and I knew it. I hit a couple of things, it wasn’t a proud moment.
    My solution is stopping my self before I react. My sister broke my favorite wine glass on accident, I really wanted to yell and release the anger that had risen up but I didn’t I stopped and made myself think. She didn’t do it on purpose and yelling wasn’t going to fix it. Granted I was still disappointed but it happens and it wasn’t worth getting angry over. Don’t know if this what you wanted to hear but I hope it helps.

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  2. When I would get angry or overwhelmed I had the urge to hurt myself or break things. Then I started stress-working-out. Now whenever I’m angry or upset, I go for run, I run as fast as I can for as long as I can and then everything seems better. All that excess energy is gone.

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