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They told her to have more friends, nobody wants to be friends with a wallflower, they said.

Come out of the books and face the reality, they said to her, their eyes full of disappointment.

‘I must insist! You really know nothing about being a proper daughter, do you? I insist that you learn it from your mother.’

‘What do you mean you aren’t going to marry him?’

Their voices low with anger.

She ran away, settled in another city and never got to talk her loved ones again.

She found her love, in her thirties, she was happy.

The hole her family left in her heart will never be filled

but she found another kind of family in her husband’s people.

They made sure that she wasn’t constrained.

‘Are you sure you don’t want me to help you out? I know you are up for that promotion.’

They asked her with their eyes full of hope and pride.

He never asked her to give up her dreams and ambitions.

She never did either.

Her family never tried to contact her even after their private detective found her.

They didn’t want her in their life

and for the first time, she wasn’t really hurt because of it.

Life goes on, after all.


via Daily Prompt: Insist

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