Admiring Art

I should first point out before I say anything else that I am not someone who really understands art? However I do love to admire art and the people who create it. So, I have always tried to attend art festivals and enjoy myself thoroughly! Yes, that’s the extremely selfish part but who cares?

Anyway, every year, there’s an art festival in Mumbai called the Kala Ghoda Festival (it’s a place where the festival is held), I try to visit every year. I sometimes understand the reason behind an art piece immediately and sometimes, I have to read the plaque that tells me more about it. Just like the last time I visited, this time was no different, I really enjoyed the walk around and the art displayed there.


Here are some of the pieces installed there! (Excuse my less than ideal photography skills but I had to show you guys what I saw!)





If you take a step back (literally!) and take a look at the photo below, you’ll see a woman garbed in the traditional clothes and jewellery, this entire thing is made out of bangles and I can’t imagine the planning that went into making this possible!






I really enjoyed the festival, not so much the sun glaring down at me. However since it’s held on the streets, I can’t escape the sun and even now I feeling the heat and it’s side effects! I don’t regret it though because I got to see some really good installations.

I also visited Jehangir Art Gallery which is right beside the venue but since photography isn’t allowed there, I couldn’t share the absolutely delightful art there, sorry!


All in all, a splendid day spent in splendid company, my sister and my cousin, that is.


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