A Creature of Habit

Over the years, I have noticed one thing about myself. I am a creature of habit, I wake up, I get my coffee (without which I can’t start my morning) and then, I get to work. I used to go to work but ever since my unemployment I have started to read. Even that has become a habit now and it’s unlikely that it will be an easy one to get rid of.

I have always read a lot, I always made time for reading in the day no matter how busy I was. It’s really odd for me to have spent a day without reading and if that happened then you know there’s something wrong. Anyway, the other day I was thinking about habits in general. Some of them really good ones and some are…not.

I know my vices and I try not to get too overwhelmed by them, getting lost in a book is one of them. Then there’s the need to cook something different, sometimes I go over the top and manage to make my family slightly mad at me. I think it’s the boredom or the fear of boredom that’s making do this.

I am fond of cooking and trying new things but it’s never been this bad, almost every week I want to try something new, some new recipe. There’s a sort of desperation in it, I think, and that worries me. Why am I doing this? Is it simply the lack of mental stimulation or is it something more? Would it be better once I get a job? (I hope so!)

Do you guys have anything like that? A habit that becomes a bit too hard to let go of? Or just something that you feel isn’t good for you but you keep doing it anyway? Or something that’s not bad, per se but it’s not quite good for you either? Or is it just me? (I hope not.)


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5 thoughts on “A Creature of Habit

  1. It is certainly not just you. I would say that 75% of my clients come to me for help in getting rid of or changing a habit.

    If I may, I would say first understand that every habit is created by your unconscious mind. That is the part of you that exists to protect you and keep you alive and safe. But sometimes, it can get caught in a pattern that is no longer beneficial or perhaps not as beneficial as you might like. In order to change the habit – assuming that is your desire – it is important to recognize the benefit you are getting from it. There is always a benefit. How might you keep the benefit but ditch the habit? That is critical to prevent backsliding. As a hypnotist, I can help my clients create this change very powerfully and quickly and pleasantly because it happens at the unconscious level. If you find I think difficult to change (again, assuming that is something you desire), seek out a hypnotist. 😉

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    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! And I am sorry for not replying earlier, I thought I already had!

      You raised some really good points about the habits being a good thing but sometimes it’s just not. How over time the benefit I might have gotten from it initially has lessened. I think you are completely right here. I had already decided to go to my therapist about it but thanks for offering another option!

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      1. You’re welcome. I quite understand.

        Therapy is wonderful for many people and it is not so much an “either or,” as a “this and this,” (if that makes sense). Many of my clients see therapists and/or psychiatrists in addition to seeing me. We work in different ways and often the combination is very powerful. Hypnosis is a faster way to get in touch with your unconscious and make changes, but therapy can provide longer-term care. (There are obviously many other differences.)


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