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A Month Old!

I just realised that my blog is now a month old! When I started this blog at the start of the year, I had some really vague ideas as to how I was going to blog but a month later, I have watched how blogging actually works and I have learned some new things. It’s been a month of discoveries.

I started with the hope that someone will read my writing and perhaps like it but the way this month went, it has shown me that there are people who would actually follow my blog and like the things I post, a very big surprise for me. My confidence has been boosted after a long, long time of uncertainty and I am really loving this! I hope it happens every month ( a bit of a stretch, I know but what’s the harm in hoping?).

I have talked to some really nice people, read some really wonderful articles and short stories, had some really constructive and positive feedback. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I also started the year with a reading list with various authors and a few different genres. I read some really good books this month and I was pleasantly surprised by that. Some of the authors I haven’t really read much of and some authors I had only heard of. So, this year started off to a great start, taking risks, reading and learning new things.

I am still unemployed, still looking for a job but I am optimistic now that soon enough I will get a job to support myself. (Fingers crossed and all that jazz!) I am hoping to have a January Wrap Up sort of post that many of the people seemed to be doing. I am especially excited to sort of review them as I have never done them before. I mean, talking about it and discussing it with my friends and family is not the same, I think. Here I might have to be more constructive and precise in what I like and why I liked it. So, hoping that works out alright.


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