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Question for the masses

So, I have read The Song of Achilles for more than three times now and I have been craving something of the same sort. I am not sure where to look for books like these and I would love some good recommendations. I am not asking for Greek mythology based books, not really. I am not even asking for proper m/m romance. I just want to read something fresh and yet, heart-wrenching.

I have read Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and the Raven Cycle series. I want something like these, coming of age mixed with a dash of romance and angst. They don’t need to have just romance, I want more than that. They also don’t have to be coming of age, compulsorily.

I am making a right mess of this thing, aren’t I? It’s just I want something I can finish and think ‘That was painful but exhilarating.’ Or something to that effect. I just want to feel the same simple happiness when Patroclus became friends with Achilles, the same joy when they finally figured it out and realised that they were in love, the heart-wrenching sorrow of reading about Patroclus’ death and the aftermath. I want to feel it all and I haven’t been able to find that perfect book yet.

If you have any recommendations for this, then, please, share them with me. You would be doing me such a huge favour. It’s not that I am not going to read until I find such a book but I can’t wait to read something that would make feel those feelings again. (It might be that I am fast becoming far too attached to the Iliad in general. I am currently reading a translation and it’s so fascinating and painful and just…about perfect, really.)

Cheers for now!

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