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Daily Prompt: Study

The woods were absolutely overrun by the vehicles that were pouring in through the night and now, the sun was just coming out of the hiding. It was just past six in the morning. The mud and the humidity couldn’t be avoided but that was hardly on anybody’s mind. The government had already taken over even though many privately owned companies had tried to take over the study. It was after all, the first of it’s kind.

There had been meteors and UFOs aplenty but never before had there been an actual alien species involved in the mess. Mahesh had initially thought it to be a joke, a prank pulled by his department on him. He was, after all, rather infamous for his alien fantasy obsession. The thing was, though, that despite working in the space program of their country, not many had really given much serious thought to alien life. Mahesh had marveled at their lack of imagination at times.

Still, there was no room for such thoughts, there were more important tasks at hand. Like setting up his system, decoding the alien ship’s structure and trying to see if there was any chance they could communicate with the aliens. Even thinking about it made him feel a little bit crazy. What a life he had, he thought almost giddily. Here he was trying to see if the spacecraft that had landed in a field near Mumbai was actually occupied by aliens and if yes, what were they doing here?


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