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Slow change

So, ever since the new started, I have been trying my best to be the very best version of me. Something that’s not really easy for me. Why? Mostly because I change rarely, if at all. It’s not that I hate change, not at all. Change is always welcome, it’s just…I am too cautious and timid for change? In a way.

However this year I have already broken many of my bad habits and inhibitions. I have joined WordPress, I am actually posting on my blog ( I did have WordPress for a hot minute two years ago. I think it was two years ago, I am not so sure.), I am going out and trying to enjoy myself. The things I haven’t really done for a long, long time. I think I am finally coming out of my shell. For far too long I had become comfortable with my discomfort and the ability to just let things be. Not anymore.

I have started to find joy in writing, it might not be the best at the moment but it’s something, it’s a start. Well, let’s say I have finally started to feel confident and comfortable enough to share what I write. I have started to take care of my body, by exercising. I have started to try out new things, like cooking something new every week. Eating something new every week. Something that’s not made by me. For almost five years, I have been cooking and frankly, there comes a time when one is too tired to eat the food made by themselves. I was and still sometimes am too tired to make anything to eat. It’s not that I don’t enjoy cooking, I really, really do. It’s that I am tired of tasting my own food.

So, I have decided to damn the consequences and damn the people who might not agree with my plans but I am going to enjoy my life, find adventures where I can.

What about you? Have you done anything spectacularly new this year? Or did your process start last year and you are reaching a lovely stage where you have finally found what ticks? Tell me how you changed your life recently for the better.

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