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Reading list – 1

So, I have read a lot of books, some I have read quite a few times and I will do so again. Why? They are just that good, ok? I am sure you all know that re-reading certain books gives us the kind of pleasure that’s really to hard to find elsewhere. So, while I am planning on reading some books again, I do have plans to read some new books during the year.

Now, the thing is I mostly read science fiction or fantasy and I generally hesitate to go out of that zone. Of course, I have read romance to death so, there’s a reason for not going in that direction but I do want to broaden my horizon this year. I am going to read about history, about mythology. History and mythology are my two favourite things about reading, if I am being honest. I suppose my love comes from the fact that I have Lord of the Rings so many times and others from legendarium that I became obsessed with a fictional world’s history and mythology. Since last year, I have been very keen to know more about our world’s history and mythology.

I am going to start with the Greek mythology because I had to start with something.

I have a feeling my year will be spent very merrily while I am going through my book list. I don’t quite have all of them at the moment but as the year passes and I go through the books that I do have, I will buy them accordingly.

  1. Greek Myths by Robert Graves 
  2. Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton

  3. Mythos by Stephen Fry
  4. Works of Homer 
  5. Works of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides & Aristophanes

I have also downloaded some lecture series on the Greek mythology in general. Mostly because just reading about it and reading it might not help me understand. These lectures are apparently super good if you wanna know more about the subject.

  1. Famous Greeks by Professor J. Rufus Fears
  2. Greek & Persian Wars by Professor John R. Hale
  3. TMS – Greek Drama (Tragedy & Comedy) by Professor Peter Meineck
  4. TMS – Greek Legacy – Understanding the Overwhelming Contributions of the Ancient Greeks by Professor Timothy Shutt

  5. TMS- Classical Mythology- The Greeks by Professor Peter Meineck
  6. TMS: History of Ancient Greece by Professor Eric H. Cline

  7. TMS: Hebrews, Greeks and Romans: Foundations of Western Civilization by Professor Timothy Shutt
  8. Lectures by Professor Elizabeth Vandiver

I haven’t listed all the things I have yet because I am not sure how much I can get if I am being honest. The country I live in, there aren’t a lot of lectures or even books on this subject. Still, it’s the age of online shopping, let’s hope I do get more than that. This is only part one of the reading list, I just realised that I have a lot to cover if I am to even start on one mythology a year.

As for the history part of my list. Well, I don’t have anything too solid just yet. It took me a bit to even find out about the Greek mythology. I am hoping as the time goes on, I would have a set of books based on ancient civilisations. Gotta start from the beginning, right?

If you have any recommendations, please, don’t hesitate to suggest them. If I can get them, I will definitely read or listen to them!!

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