This is the part where I try to explain why I wrote about my past. The thing is, over the last year or so, I have discussed it multiple times with people who were directly connected to the problems at hand or to my therapist. And while it did help with the whole trying to put together my life thing, there still remained a feeling of discontent. I am not sure how to put into words.

Maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t satisfied with discussing it with people who were also affected by it all. Maybe I just wanted to throw it online and let it be lost within the mess that is internet. But the thing is, I feel lighter knowing that I wrote it up and posted it on my blog. I am not quite sure why quite yet.

It’s a process, perhaps a slow one when compared to many other things but I am ok with it. After all, haste brought me here to begin with, I am not taking any chances now.

However, I also wanted to tell people who might be struggling with their own situations in life that it can get better. It won’t happen on it’s own, we might need to take action or someone who cares for us will need to, on our behalf if we aren’t quite up to the task yet. However life isn’t as hopeless and grim as we think. Or rather, it is hopeless and grim at the time but if we persevere then it can get better.

Something everybody needs to remember in life, it’s alright if you aren’t the strongest when your life is throwing obstacles at you, it’s ok if you feel like you can’t cope with it. Everybody is different and everybody copes with any given situation differently. Some rise above it and some try and flounder. It is not shameful if you flounder. It means that you tried and that counts for a lot. Do not give up on life, do not give up on yourself. Trust me, it’s never worth it.

One thing my mother once told me, “You can never blame the fates or anything else for your life. Certain situations could place you where you don’t want to be, that’s life but only you make the decisions that affect you, so, if you try to make your life better, it will be. You just need to keep trying.”

It’s something I forgot along the way. Still, now that I do remember, I will try my hardest to make a better life for myself.

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