So it begins

The thing with beginnings is that sometimes we are too hasty in our excitement and that…is kind of my problem. I always start something too enthusiastically and then, over a certain period, my interest in it wanes. It never ends well. It’s not as if I haven’t tried to be better about it but somehow or the other, it just never happened. So, here I am, with this new year as a good omen. I am hoping that I keep up with it and that I don’t give up on it.

I am hoping to write about my life, my hopes and dreams. I am hoping to get into writing as a serious part of my daily life. I know, it sounds absurd. Or at least, it does to me. Oh, well. This is just the beginning, let’s hope to see more of this blog.

For so long, I have wanted to write, I grew up reading J. R. R. Tolkien and J. K. Rowling and Dan Brown, not to mention countless Marathi authors. Nothing gives me more pleasure than reading and from there, my love of the written word grew and grew until it almost turned into a veritable monster. The sad fact of my life was that there was nobody in my family that I could truly share this with. Not many were concerned about reading and getting lost in the worlds created by other people. I don’t blame them, sometimes, you really do need to have your realities in front of you to trod on in your life.

But I feel there’s always room for a little imagination. We couldn’t be where we are without a little imagination. So, it is with that hope, I am starting this blog. I might not be best at it and I might even fail at times but I will see this through because if I don’t then how would I know? How would I know if I am good at this stuff or not. That’s one of the simplest but the hardest of lessons I have learned recently.

I will stop here for now but rest assured, I will be here quite frequently and will try to upload a photo or some words daily.

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